1. Seal your leaky gut. (1)(2)(3)(4)

2. Get rid of chronic infections. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)

3. Eliminate heavy metals. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

4. Correct nutritional deficiencies. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)

5. Take bacillus subtilis, butyric acid (sodium butyrate), oregano oil (carvacrol and thymol), Bradax (sulforaphane) and Ormux (oleuropein liposomal). (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)(14)

Corregir deficiencias hormonales.

NOTE: The following protocol is the same for ULCERATIVE RECTOCOLITIS and CROHN’S DISEASE. Don’t start all the supplements indicated in this protocol on the same day. Start one every two days and stop if any discomfort appears (read BEFORE TAKING SUPPLEMENTS in the STORE section).

You can stop taking medicines that don’t work for you, except steroids (prednisone, desflazacort).

If you’re taking prednisone, don’t stop taking it without first consulting your attending physician.




Both conditions share the same protocol.

You can stop medicines that don’t work for you, except steroids (prednisone, desflazacort).

If you take prednisone, don’t stop without the guidance of your treating physician.

1. Liquid diet

Don’t eat anything solid for 5 days. Take only green cabbage and carrot juice.

Use a juicer, not a blender.


Take 1 glass (8 ounces) 3 times a day. On an empty stomach for the first glass of the morning, then mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Add the drops of oregano oil to the cabbage juice as indicated below.

Continue the routine for 21 days.


Take a liter and a quarter daily. You can take it in the morning or spread it throughout the day.

Don’t take it if you have uncontrolled diabetes.

Continue the routine for 14 days.

If you don’t tolerate the liquid diet, you can add black-skinned or ripe banana (plantain) and / or take up to 5 tablespoons a day of
edible organic coconut oil spread throughout the day up to every 3 hours.

2. Add solid foods

From Day 6 you can add the following solid foods:

Sweet potato, plantain, avocado and all fruits and vegetables.

If any symptoms reappear (bleeding/pain/mucus/diarrhea) repeat the liquid diet.

From Day 15 you can add animal protein and eggs. Suspend them if any symptoms return.

For 4 months don’t eat dairy products, grains, cereals or seeds.

3. Charcoal +Active or Charcoal +Aloeferox

Use Charcoal +Active if you have more than one daily bowel movement (typical crisis scenario).

Use Charcoal +Aloeferox if you have up to 1 bowel movement per day or if you are constipated (very rare).

Take 4 capsules mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

Keep taking charcoal at least 3 hours after taking any medicine, otherwise you risk not absorbing the medicine.

You can take charcoal with the same glass of water or Ormux juice and or oregano.

When taking charcoal, evacuations may turn black or green. This is quite normal.

Discontinue charcoal if constipation occurs (Charcoal +Active).

Continue for 1 month.

Start with Day 1 of the liquid diet.

4.Magnesium +Lysine

Take 2 capsules at night. Start from the 1st day with the liquid diet.

5.Vitamin D3 +MK4

Take 1 capsule at noon. Start from the 1st day with the liquid diet.

6.Oregano Oil

Take 3 drops 3 times a day in a glass of green cabbage juice for 3 continuous weeks. Repeat the cycle 2 weeks later.

Start the 1st day with the liquid diet.

On the first day take only 1 drop and increase 1 drop per day until the dose is reached.

If discomfort appears when increasing the dose (healing crisis), suspend for one day and resume the previous dose.

Do not take oregano oil if 1 drop causes discomfort (headache, diarrhea, etc).


Take 1 measure (included in the bottle) mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

Start 2 days after the rest of the supplements.


Take 1/2 measure (included in the bottle) mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

You can take it together with Ormux.

Increase to 1 full measure from the 3rd day. Start MSM 2 days after starting Ormux.

MSM helps the body reduce inflammation and relieve pain. However, it also helps remove heavy metals (toxins) such as mercury and aluminum.

Suspend MSM if there is a metallic taste, headache, heartburn, skin lesions or any discomfort (healing crisis). If this happens, do a blood test for heavy metals (Heavy Metal Profile).


Take 1 capsule with water or juice any time in the morning.

Continue for 3 months.


Take 1 capsule with a glass of juice or food before 4 pm.

Continue for 2 weeks every 2 weeks until the bottle is finished.

Start 2 days after Butyric Acid.


Take 2 capsules at night for 1 month and rest for 2 weeks until completing 3 cycles.


Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach in the morning (cabbage juice) and another one in the afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

Start 2 days after starting Ormux.

Do not eat anything solid for 1 hour.

Discontinue if bloody stools reappear.

If you take Levothyroxine Sodium, take Enzymes at least 1 hour later.

13. Zinc + Max

Take 1 serving (according to bottle instructions) at any time of the day with juice or food until the bottle is finished.

14. B COMP +CoQ10

Take 2 capsules a day at any time before noon until the bottle is finished. Start with 1 capsule the first 3 days.

15. Read BEFORE STARTING THE SUPPLEMENTS mentioned in the STORE section of this website

16. Congratulations!! START THE CURE NOW!!!