1. Seal your leaky gut.

2. Get rid of chronic infections.

3. Eliminate heavy metals.

4. Correct nutritional deficiencies.

5. Correct hormonal deficiencies.

NOTE: The following protocol is the same for RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, LUPUS AND POLYMYOSITIS.


Identify how intense, on a scale from 0 to 10, your pain, inflammation, fatigue and limitation of movement are (10 being the worst scenario and 0 the best).

Compare your numbers 2 weeks after starting the protocol.

This is how you can evaluate your success. The correction of the RA test, citrullin peptide, ESR and C-reactive protein will follow as a consequence.

1. Eliminate animal protein, eggs, all oils (coconut and olive included), dairy products, grains, cereals, oats, beans, rice, seeds, tomato, potato, chili, paprika and eggplant for 2 weeks.

You can eat sweet potato (sweet potato), cassava, plantain, all tubers (except potatoes), fruit, vegetables and avocado.

Retake animal protein or eggs or oils from the 15th day. Eliminate again for 2 weeks if pain or inflammation reappears with the introduction of these foods.

Note: For best results, follow a completely raw, vegan diet for these 2 weeks.

2. Magnesium+Lysine

Take 2 capsules at night.

3.Vitamin D3 +K2

Take 1 capsule at noon.

4. Oregano Oil

Take 1 to 3 drops in a glass of water or juice in the morning for 2 weeks, then rest for the following 2 weeks.

5. Boron + Cyclic

Take 1 capsule in the morning and another at noon, preferably with juice or food.

6. Ormux

Take 1 measure (included with the bottle or inside the sachet) in a glass of water or juice mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Don’t take Ormux on the days you take metrotexate.

Don’t take Ormux until at least 15 days have passed without receiving your biological medicine (Humira, Enbrel, Rituximab, etc.).

Don’t take Ormux if you’re taking cholesterol pills (statins).

Continue taking prednisone, deflazacort or morticosteroid.

Continue taking hydroxychloroquine, leflunomide, azathioprine and/or metrotexate. Discontinue taking it if you haven’t noticed any change.

When pain or swelling goes down, discontinue Ibuprofen or Advil or Arcoxia or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (only then will your leaky gut has been cured).

7. MSM

Take 1/2 measure (included with the bottle) in a glass of water or juice mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Increase to 1 full measure from Day 3.

Discontinue the dose if any discomfort appears, such as headache, metal taste, acidity or rash (a healing crisis due to heavy metals). In this case, take o a blood test for heavy metals or HEAVY METAL PROFILE.

Start MSM 2 days after starting Ormux.

Do not take MSM on days you drink liquor (alcohol).

8. Zinc +Max. Take daily at noon during every other month (alternate months), according to the instructions on the label until you have taken zinc for 6 months.

9. Take the following blood tests when you can:


Anti-TPO Antibodies




If you haven’t been evaluated for a while, include the tests that your rheumatologist usually prescribes.

If you get the “go-ahead”, include the D Dimer blood test.

10. Read the section “Before starting to take the supplements”.

11. Read each supplement is in the STORE section.

12. If you have root canals or dental extractions:

Get a Dental Cone Beam Tomography and order the images on a CD so they can be evaluated by an experienced radiologist (Not your dentist or attending physician).

If injuries are found, look for an experienced Biological Dentist at

13. Use Dental Floss daily

14. Start Oil Pulling

Take a teaspoonful of edible coconut oil with 3 drops of Oregano Oil in the morning. Swish it around your mouth without swallowing. Spit and rinse your mouth after 10 minutes.

15. If you suffer from severe constipation:

Evaluate your thyroid, follow a liquid diet for 5 days (only water, fruit and/or vegetable juices) and consider 2 deworming cycles under the supervision of your attending physician, even when your stool tests are normal.

Your healing is proportional to your evacuation.

You should have at least one bowel movement daily.

16. Carrot Juice – 5X5

Drink 1¼ liters of carrot juice daily for 2 weeks, rest for the following 2 weeks, then continue until completing 4 cycles.

Start on Day 3 after eliminating prohibited foods.

You can take Ormux, MSM and Oregano Oil in the same glass of juice.

You don’t need to drink carrot juice to be cured. If you can’t tolerate it or don’t like it, don’t drink it.

Don’t drink carrot juice if you have uncontrolled diabetes.

Don’t drink carrot juice if you’re taking 10 or more milligrams (mg) of prednisone.

Discontinue carrot juice if it causes discomfort (healing crisis).

If you have a healing crisis, read PARASITES in the Protocols section.

17. Green Cabbage Juice

If you have, or have had heartburn or helicobacter pylori, take the oregano oil drops diluted in 8 ounces of green cabbage juice for 21 days on an empty stomach in the morning.

18. Read “BEFORE YOU TAKE SUPPLEMENTS” in the STORE section.

19. Read each supplement in the STORE section.

20. Enjoy!! START THE CURE NOW!!!