1. Correct excessive sebum production by the hair follicle that allows bacteria to cause acne. (1)(2)(3)

2. Take vitamin B5 (supplement with pantothenic acid). (1)(2)(3)(4)

3. Take DIM (supplement with diindolylmethane). (1)(2)(3)

4. Correct androgenic hypersensitivity and/or hyperandrogenism when present (PCOS).

5. Break the biofilm and get rid of infections caused by bacteria that live on the skin.


Discontinue your acne medications (spironolactone, flutamide and antibiotics. If you’re taking oral contraceptives for this purpose, discontinue them as well).

If you have never ruled out hypothyroidism, request the following tests at a trustworthy laboratory.

TSH, prolactin, TPO antibodies and anti-thyroglobulins.

NOTE: With certain exceptions clarified below, the following protocol is the same for both cystic, nodular and hormonal acne (PCOS).


1. Eliminate dairy products, grains, cereals and seeds for 1 month. You can eat potatoes, cassava, plantain, animal protein, eggs, vegetables, avocado and all fruits.

2. Carrot Juice

Take a liter and a quarter of carrot juice daily for 14 days. If you don’t want to or can’t, don’t take it (see how to take it and when not to take it in the 5X5 section in the Menu on this website).

If you have uncontrolled diabetes don’t take it.

If you have PCOS or are insulin-resistant and want to take carrot juices, do the extreme 5X5 (see Extreme 5X5 in 5X5 in the Menu on this website). Otherwise, don’t drink the juice.

3. Vitamin B5

Take 1 capsule morning and night for 1 week and increase to 2 capsules from the 2nd week (2 in the morning and 2 at night). Suspend it if upset stomach appears.

Start the first 3 days with only 1 capsule in the morning.

Don’t take Vitamin B5 with antibiotics or pills to lower cholesterol.

If you have hormonal acne (you are insulin-resistant, have polycystic ovarian syndrome or estrogen dominance), take 1 single dose morning and night. Don’t increase it to 2.

Continue until the acne disappears.

4. Diindolyl + DIM

Take 1 capsule at noon. Continue until the acne disappears.

If you have hormonal acne (are insulin-resistant, have polycystic ovarian syndrome and/or estrogen dominance) increase to 2 capsules from the second week.

Discontinue taking DIM if headache and/or nausea (detox reaction) appears and resume half the dose a week later.

Start diindolyl + DIM one week after starting Vitamin B5. Don’t start at the same time.

Read diindolyl + DIM in the PRODUCTS section.

5. Oregano Oil

Take 1 to 2 drops in a glass of juice for 2 weeks. If after 2 weeks the acne hasn’t disappeared, continue with the drops until it does.

Start one week after Diindolyl + DIM.

6. Zinc+Max

Take 1 measure at any time of the day as indicated on the label for 1 week every week until the acne disappears. (1)


8. Congratulations!! START THE CURE NOW!!!