1. Eliminate dairy, grains, cereals and seeds for 3 weeks.

2. Oregano Oil Take on an empty stomach in the morning up to 21 drops diluted in 1 glass of green or purple cabbage juice (Col/Cabbage) for 3 continuous weeks.

To make the juice use extractor. Not blender.

First day take only 1 drop and increase 1 drop per day until the dose is reached.

If discomfort appears when increasing the dose (healing crisis), suspend for one day and resume the previous dose.

Do not take Oregano Oil if 1 drop causes discomfort (headache, diarrhea, etc.).

3. You can do this along with the directions for COLON.

4. Go to the gastroenterologist for an endoscopy.

5. If you already have a diagnosis of Helicobacter Pylori or Ulcerative Rectocolitis or Chron’s Disease, go directly to the Protocols section. You will find indications for your condition.

6. Before starting the supplements, read them in the Products section. You will find out how they work.

7. Read the section Before taking supplements