1. Eliminate dairy products, grains, cereals and seeds and 3 days later start drinking 1 and a quarter liters of carrot juice per day for 3 weeks every 3 weeks until completing 3 cycles. Do not take carrot juice if you have contraindications. See contraindications in section 5X5.

Discontinue juices if healing crisis appears (see section 5X5).

2. Selenium +ACTIVE T3 Take 2 capsules a day for 1 month. Start first day with 1 capsule.

Discontinue if headache or heartburn appears (healing crisis) and do a blood test for Heavy Metals.

3. Ormux Take 1 measure included in the bottle in 1 glass of water or juice in mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Maintain the intake for 3 months (3 bottles). Discontinue for 1 week each time you finish a bottle.

Do not take Ormux if you take cholesterol pills (Statins).

4. Bradax Take 2 capsules at night for 1 month and rest for 2 weeks until completing 2 cycles.

5. B COMP +CoQ10 Take 2 capsules in the morning. Start with 1 capsule and increase to 2 from the 3rd day.

6. Charcoal +Active or Charcoal +Aloeferox

Use Charcoal +Active if diarrhea occurs.

Use Charcoal +Aloe ferox if you have constipation or 1 bowel movement per day.

Take 4 capsules mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of juice or water.

Keep taking Charcoal at least 3 hours from taking any medicine, otherwise you risk not absorbing the medicine.

You can take Charcoal with the same glass of water or Ormux juice.

When taking Charcoal, stools can turn black or green. This is normal.

Discontinue Charcoal if diarrhea or constipation occurs.

Maintain Charcoal for 1 month and then for 2 weeks every 2 weeks until completing the Ormux cycle.

7. Before starting the supplements, read them in the Products section. You will find out how they work.

8. Read the section Before taking supplements