1. Eliminate animal protein, eggs, dairy products, grains, cereals, and seeds for 21 days. You can eat fruit, vegetables and tubers (cassava, potato, ocumo, carrot, etc.).

2. Oregano Oil

Take up to 15 drops diluted in a glass of water (or carrot juice) at any time in the morning. Continue for 2 weeks, then rest for the following 2 weeks before continuing the cycle.

Start from Day 1 eliminating prohibited foods.

Start Day 1 with 1 drop and increase 1 drop per day until the full dose is achieved.

If discomfort appears when increasing the dose (healing crisis), suspend for 3 days and resume the previous dose.

3. Drink

1¼ liters of carrot juice (40 ounces) daily for 14 days. Start 3 days after eliminating prohibited foods.

Don’t take carrot juice if you have uncontrolled diabetes, or if they cause you discomfort.

Ideally, you should apply the coffee enemas during the 14 days according to the indications and contraindications described in PARASITES in the PROTOCOLS section.

Don’t apply coffee enemas if they are contraindicated for you, or if you don’t want to.

4. Ormux Take 1 measure (included with the bottle) mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

Start 2 days after the rest of the supplements.

5. Charcoal +Aloeferox Take 4 capsules mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

Continue with the charcoal at least 3 hours after taking any medicine; otherwise, you risk not absorbing the medicine.

While taking charcoal, your stools may turn black or green. This is quite normal.

Discontinue the treatment if constipation or diarrhea occur.

If you apply coffee enemas, you should ideally take charcoal 1 hour before.

Start with Ormux.

6. Enzymes

Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach in the morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or cabbage juice. Don’t eat any solid food for 1 hour.

If you’re taking levothyroxine sodium, take enzymes at least 1 hour later.

Start 3 days after starting Ormux.

7. Vitamin D3 +K2

Take 1 capsule at noon. Start 2 days after your first dose of enzymes.

8. Read BEFORE STARTING THE SUPPLEMENTS in the STORE section of this website.

10. Congratulations!! START THE CURE NOW!!!