1. Magnesium +Lysine Take 2 capsules at night.

2. Vitamin D3 +MK4 Take 1 capsule at noon.

3. Boron +Silica Take 1 capsule in the morning and at noon, preferably with juice or food.

4. Enzymes Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach in the morning with a glass of water or juice. Do not eat anything solid for 1 hour. If you take Levothyroxine Sodium, take Enzymes at least 1 hour later.

5. Ormux Take 1 measure (included in the bottle) mid-morning and mid-afternoon with 1 glass of water or juice. Start 2 days after the rest of the supplements.

6. MSM Take 1/2 measure (included in the bottle) mid-morning and mid-afternoon with 1 glass of water or juice.

You can take it together with Ormux.

Increase to 1 full measure from the 3rd day. Start MSM 2 days after starting Ormux.

MSM helps the body reduce inflammation and eliminate pain. However, it also helps eliminate heavy metals (toxins) such as mercury and aluminum.

Discontinue MSM if a metallic taste or headache or heartburn or skin lesions or any discomfort appear (healing crisis). If this occurs, do a blood test for heavy metals (Heavy Metal Profile).

5. TRACHEA Take 6 capsules a day.

Start with 2 capsules on the first and second day. Increase to 4 capsules from the third day and 6 capsules from the sixth day onwards.

6. BONE MARROW Take 6 capsules a day.

Start 1 week after TRACHEA with 1 capsule per day for the first 2 days and increase by 1 capsule every 3 days until reaching 6 capsules per day.

Suspend and go back if any discomfort appears (healing crisis).

7. Discontinue all calcium supplements (except those with thyroid, parathyroid or stomach surgery, whose surgeons expressly indicated that they should be taken).

Discontinue all calcium supplements even if you are diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Discontinue multivitamins with calcium.

Discontinue antacids with calcium (Tums).

8. You can take the supplements indefinitely, except for Vitamin D3+MK4, which must be alternated monthly (1 month, 1 month off).

9. If you already have a diagnosis of Osteoarthritis or Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, go directly to the Protocols section. You will find indications for your condition.

10. Before starting the supplements, read them in the Products section. You will find out how they work.

11. Read the section Before taking supplements