1. Correct hypothyroidism.

2. Correct vitamin B12, B1, B2, magnesium and vitamin D3 deficiencies.

3. Eliminate chronic infections in the mouth. (Root canal treatments? Dental extractions?)

4. Eliminate chronic infections in the stomach and intestine. (Parasites, candida fungus in the form of hyphae? Helicobacter pylori? Bad bacteria in general?)

5. Cure your leaky gut.

6. Recall traumatic memories “stored” in the subconscious through Regressive Hypnosis.

7. Eliminate heavy metals. (Breast implants? Mercury amalgams? Blood test for Heavy Metals or Heavy Metal Profile?)


1. Take the following blood tests: TSH, anti-TPO antibodies, anti-thyroglobulin antibodies, prolactin, vitamin D 25 OH, PTH, vitamin B12 and homocysteine.

If the results show slightly high prolactin and / or positive antibodies, even though the rest of the tests are within normal limits, you should receive a therapeutic test with 25 mcg of levothyroxine sodium from your attending physician (see Therapeutic Test in the Chronic Fatigue section of Protocols).

If your TSH is high, you should receive treatment from your attending physician.

2. Magnesium +Lysine Take 2 capsules at night without limits.

3. Vitamin D3+MK4 Take 1 capsule in the morning until the bottle is finished.

4. B COMP +Co Q10 Take 2 capsules in the morning until the bottle is finished.

Start B COMP 3 days after magnesium and vitamin D.

For the first 2 days take only 1 capsule.

5. Carrot Juice Drink 1¼ liters of carrot juice daily for 14 days. Use an extractor, not a blender. Read 5X5 in the menu.

Do not take carrot juice if you have uncontrolled diabetes, take 10 mg or more of prednisone daily, have kidney failure, are pregnant or have any other contraindication described in 5X5.

Eliminate dairy, grains, cereals and seeds 3 days before starting to take the juice.

You can eat potatoes, cassava, plantains, fruit, eggs, vegetables, and all kinds of animal protein.

Maintain this type of diet during the 14 days while taking the juice.

6. Ormux Take 1 measure mid-morning and mid-afternoon in a glass of water or juice. Start 2 days after B COMP.

Continue taking Ormux for at least 4 consecutive months. Rest for 1 week between each jar.

7. Selenium: Take 2 capsules at noon. Continue until the bottle is finished. Start 2 days after Ormux.

Suspend the dosage if it produces headache, vertigo, metal taste or acidity, and take a blood test for Heavy Metals.

8. Oregano Oil: Take 3 drops in a glass of water or juice in the morning for 3 weeks, then rest for 3 weeks before continuing the same procedure until the bottle is finished.

Start the oregano oil 2 days after the selenium.

If you are diagnosed with helicobacter pylori or have heartburn, please follow the helicobacter protocol on this website.

9. Regressive Hypnosis: Ask your hypnotherapist to take you back to important moments that marked your life.

10. Before starting this protocol, read each supplement in the Products section. Suspend the dosage if you experience any kind of discomfort while taking any of them (Healing Crisis?).

11. Read the section BEFORE TAKING THE SUPPLEMENTS identified with the red button in the STORE section.


If, despite all of the above, your depression isn’t cured, consider the possibility of performing a Cone Beam Dental tomography and rule out ASIA syndrome due to breast implants based on your history.