1. Get rid of all infections. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)

2. Rectify the intestine. (1)(2)(3)

3. Cover the demand for vitamin D (1)(2)(3)(4)


“Everything on your skin is in your intestine. Clean your intestine.”

1. Eliminate animal protein, eggs, dairy, fermented food, wine, grains, cereals, oats, beans, rice, chia, almonds and all seeds for 21 days.

You can eat potato or sweet potato, cassava, plantain, all tubers, fruit, vegetables and avocado.

You can resume animal protein, eggs, wine and fermented products from Day 15.

Eliminate these foods again, this time together with avocado and banana, for 2 more weeks if the urticaria reappears, regresses or worsens with the introduction of these foods.

2. Magnesium +Lysine

Take 2 capsules at night.

3. Vitamin D3 +MK4

Take 1 capsule at noon.

4. Oregano Oil

Take up to 5 drops diluted in a glass of water (or carrot juice) on an empty stomach and mid-afternoon. Take this for 2 weeks, then rest for 2 weeks, until urticaria is cured.

Start from Day 1 by eliminating the prohibited foods.

Start Day 1 with 1 drop and increase the dose by 1 drop per day until the full dose is reached.

If discomfort appears when increasing the dose (healing crisis), discontinue it for 3 days and then resume with the previous dose.


Take 1 capsule mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Continue with the dose until urticaria is cured.

Start after the first round of oregano oil.

Take it during the weeks in which you don’t take the oregano oil.

6. Carrot Juice

Take 1¼ liters of carrot juice (40 ounces) daily for 21 days.

Start 3 days after eliminating prohibited foods.

Don’t take carrot juice if you have uncontrolled diabetes or if it causes you discomfort.

Ideally, apply coffee enemas during the first 14 days, according to indications and contraindications described in the PROTOCOLS section of PARASITES.

Don’t apply coffee enemas if they have been contraindicated for you, or if you don’t understand or wish to apply them.

7. Ormux

Take 1 measure at 1 pm (included with the bottle) with a glass of water or juice.

Start 2 days after your first carrot juice.

Continue taking it until urticaria is cured.

8. Charcoal + Alohe Ferox Take 4 capsules mid-morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice. You can take it with Ormux.

Continue taking Charcoal at least 3 hours after taking any medicine; otherwise, you risk not absorbing the medicine.

When taking charcoal your stools may turn black or green. This is quite normal.

Discontinue if constipation or diarrhea develops.

If you apply coffee enemas, ideally you should take charcoal one hour before the application.

Start with Ormux.

9. Enzymes Take 1 capsule on an empty stomach in the morning and mid-afternoon with a glass of water or juice.

You can take charcoal and Ormux together.

Don’t eat anything solid for 1 hour after taking the capsule.

If you’re taking levothyroxine sodium, take enzymes at least 1 hour later.

Start 3 days after your first day taking Ormux .


Take 1 capsule with juice or food at noon for 1 month.


Take 1 capsule with juice at any time of the day for 2 months.

12. Zinc +Max

Take 1 measure a day with your main meal for a month.

13. If you suffer from severe constipation

Evaluate your thyroid, follow a liquid diet for 5 days (only water, fruit and or vegetable juices) and consider 2 deworming cycles under the guidance of your attending physician, even though your stool tests are perfectly normal.

Your cure will be proportional to your evacuation.

You should have a daily bowel movement.

14. Green Cabbage Juice

If you have (or have had) heartburn or helicobacter pylori, take the oregano oil drops diluted in 8 ounces of cabbage juice for 21 days on an empty stomach in the morning.

15. Read BEFORE STARTING THE SUPPLEMENTS in the STORE section of this website.

16. Congratulations!! START THE CURE NOW!!!