1. Eliminate dairy products, wheat, soy, oats, peanuts and cereals in general

2. Carrot juice/Vegetarian diet/Ketogenic diet

3. Coffee enemas?

4. Propolis

5. ORMUX: take one serving every 12 hours.

6. Star anise infusion/cloves

7. Coconut oil/Oregano oil

8. Edible castor oil?

9. Drugs/therapeutic test/zeolite

10. Activated carbon

11. Saourkraut [Sauerkraut/Chucrut]

12. Enzymes



“The vast majority of people who ask me about allergies, fatigue, anxiety, panic, depression, irritability or pain, come to see me as a last resort.”

“They say they are tired of conventional medicine and have seen an endless list of doctors from all kinds of disciplines. So I explain to them that the cure will be by steps and that my objective is to discover the cause of their symptoms, which could take up two or three months.”

“I tell them that there could be a “miraculous” improvement within a few days simply by fixing “the Four Legs of the Table’ (see Hypothyroidism). However, at the other end of the spectrum, it could happen very slowly through a more gradual progress mixed with periods of regression.”

“Frequently, it is the first scenario which occurs.”

“At the second consultation, we are often amazed at how, just by eliminating certain foods, correcting deficiencies and optimizing hormones, important changes can occur.”

“However, there are a number of patients who show no immediate improvement at all, or practically none.”

“These are the ones who have parasites.”

“Or those who probably have them.”

“Strictly speaking, all of us have parasites.

“And although generalizations are not always true, this could be the exception to the rule.”



“You never know, but we need to rule them out.”

I once received a message from a priest asking me to attend a 60-year-old woman who was suffering from anxiety and depression. “She’s in a very bad way,” he told me over the phone. “She is literally banging her head against the wall!” When I began to examine her, my first question was whether she had ever had parasites during childhood.

“No”, she replied.

“And as an adult?”, I insisted.

“Yes, about 2 years ago I pulled a snake about one meter long from the rear end.”

¨And what medical treatment were you given at the time?” I asked.

“None whatsoever!¨ she replied.


Evaluating the presence of parasites can be a difficult task.

Cases like this spring readily to mind, but most people who come for consultation have never seen any and have already taken tests in which the results have been quite normal.

Cyclical allergies


Chronic fatigue

Abrasions of the skin or scalp

Panic attacks, buzzing in the ears and eye irritation

Mouth ulcers, gases, constipation and diarrhea

Bloatedness, irritability, explosive aggresiveness, banging on walls and depression

Autoimmune diseases





Brain fog

These are all symptoms which should make us think of parasites.

So how can we make a diagnosis?


Well, it should be clear by now.

You can have worms without ever having seen them either in evacuations or in stool tests.

However, if we examine someone who has parasites (see Chronic Fatigue, Third Examination) with carrot juices (see below) and plants (see ORMUX) and coffee enemas, we could…

1. Make the symptoms worse (Herxheimer reaction).

2. Improve the symptoms.

3. Watch the parasites come out.

In any of these 3 scenarios the diagnosis would be clear.

Are they flat or cylindrical? Do they have the form of a fish?

In fact, there are often several types of parasites coexisting in the same person.

They create a poly-infection out of fungi and bacteria that protect each other (biofilm) and which can immunosuppress to the point of producing viral reactivations.

However, the possibility of identifying them will enable us to know which parasite predominates.


With constipation you will never be able to reduce the parasitic load.

Constipation makes for happy parasites.

To start the examination we must guarantee an excellent evacuation.

Constipation is a multifactorial topic involving…

Uncontrolled hypothyroidism


Lack of fiber in the diet

Insufficient time spent on the evacuation process


Rectal Lesions

Pain while evacuating

Certain medicines

All of these factors play a predominant role in constipation.

The Examination (Protocol for Diagnosis and Treatment of Parasites) should never begin without first…

1. Fixing hypothyroidism

2. Fixing constipation

To carry out a deworming procedure without previously having corrected hypothyroidism would be a serious error.

It would also increase the risk of making depression, fatigue, panic attacks, allergies, tachycardia or buzzing even worse in patients who already have these symptoms due to the presence of parasites.

Furthermore, the symptoms may get worse even in patients who do not suffer from hypothyroidism (Herxheiner).

This would imply the suspension of the Examination/Protocol until the symptoms have been controlled.


Carrots are an excellent tool for combating parasites, candidiasis, bacteria and even cancer. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)

If you have diabetes, don’t do any of the following without first consulting your doctor.

If you suffer from obesity and want to lose weight, you could follow a diet of just fruit and vegetables for five consecutive days, with carrot as the only tuber you will eat. However, eating carrots won’t have the same effect as drinking 1.3 liters of carrot juice extract per day.

Maybe you don’t have access to carrots or you just don’t like them. Maybe they have a paradoxical effect on you (e.g. produce constipation). If so, you could always replace them with 3 tablespoons of extra-virgin organic coconut or olive oil. mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

It is imperative that you start taking the carrot juices, or alternatively the coconut/olive oil, 5 days earlier, in the morning and mid-afternoon.

It is also most important to remove the fiber from the carrots with an extractor and not with a strainer.

Carrot juices may worsen or trigger off the appearance of symptoms (Herxheimer) of allergies, buzzing in the ear, fatigue, constipation or brain fog. In this case, suspend the treatment and consult your doctor before resuming.

Place 2.2 kilos of carrots in an extractor to obtain approximately 1.3 liters of carrot juice, to be consumed at three stages during the course of the day.

Don’t eat the fiber as it will thicken the juice too much.

2 glasses on waking up.

1 glass mid-morning.

2 glasses mid-afternoon.


Don’t do this if you have been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, chronic ulcer disease, fistulas, abscesses, hemorrhoids or any known bowel disease. (1).

Start applying the coffee enemas 10 days after eliminating dairy products, cereals, seeds and beans from your diet and at least 5 days after starting to take carrot juice.

Continue taking the juice while applying the enemas. Avoid applying an enema if you have not taken the juice.

Coffee enemas used to be part of the Merck Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Manual until 1972 and have proved to be one of the most successful medical tools for producing excellent results in my patients. (1)(2)

The prime purpose of using coffee enemas is not to clean out the bowel.

The idea of using coffee enemas is to…

1. Increase the body’s capacity to remove toxins. (1)

2. Increase the liver’s capacity to mobilize bile. (1)

3. And, of course, to clean out the bowel as well.

The Caffeine absorbed through the Coffee Enemas is greatly inferior to that absorbed when drinking coffee. (1)

You will feel exhilirated and be in a good mood for the first 20 minutes after the enema.

Boil 4 medium-sized tablespoons of ground organic coffee in 700 ccs of drinking water for 10 minutes over a low heat.

When cooled, strain the liquid at room temperature and apply for 10 minutes.

Ideally, the enemas should be applied once daily for 5 days and after each evaluation. (In certain cases the process could be continued for several months).

If there is an urgent need to release the enema, just let it go.

You shouldn’t make too much of an effort as there will be an improvement after a few days.

Don’t continue with the enema if it produces intense, or even moderate discomfort.

It is quite frequent to expel formations that look like latex or cottage cheese along with the fecal matter, as well as worms, larvae and a gelatinous substance resembling a compote (biofilm) from day 8 onwards.


There are two kinds of parasites:

Those you can see and those you can’t.

These are Worms and Protozoans.

And although both kinds are common, we will deal only with the first kind: worms.

1. Round worms (nematodes) that get into the lungs.

2. Fish-shaped worms (trematodes or fasciolas) found in the liver.

3. Flat worms (or cestodes) that are segmented by horizontal lines and range from being very small in size to over a meter long.

Why is it so important to recognize them?

It is very likely that you’ll be able to see them in the stool after the 8th day of the enemas (see below).

Determining whether the most prevalent parasite is a nematode, cestode or trematode can be of great help in curing the condition.