“At least for now you must keep taking the medicine to control your blood pressure. Let the doctor know if you feel comfortable with the medication.

“Before answering your question about whether Hypertension can be reverted, I’d like to explain a few facts:

“1. Blood pressure should be around 120/80 mmHg, NOT 140/90. If it remains constant at 140/90, it will eventualy cause heart failure. IT WILL EVENTUALLY CAUSE HEART FAILURE.

“2. If you take the medicine in the morning, I recommend you to take your blood pressure some time in the evening or early morning when you go to the bathroom.

“3. If you ever find that your diastolic arterial pressure is below or above 110, take a Captopril Tablet (25 MG), crush it into a powder and place it under your tongue. Wait 20 minutes without swallowing it and contact your doctor. In this scenario, it would also be appropriate to have a glass of whisky.

“4. If your doctor added Metoprolol, Bisoprolol, Atenolol or Carvedilol to your treatment because you had tachycardia (rapid pulsations/heartbeat), let him know that you will start taking magnesium supplements. It is highly likely that your doctor will have to modify or suspend your medication.

“5. If you are taking calcium tablets, suspend them, because they raise your blood pressure. (Do not suspend them if your doctor prescribed them after a thyroid or parathyroid gland, or any bariatric operation).

“Your osteoporosis will be corrected with magnesium supplements, not with calcium supplements.

“Well, next week we’ll continue with the answer to the question of whether it would be possible for you to revert your high blood pressure. But for the moment, go on reading the next section and don’t forget to watch my old video at the end of the text.

Take care and see you soon,”



1. Keep taking the medication prescribed by your doctor for controlling your blood pressure.

2. MAGNESIUM +LYSINE: take 2 capsules at night. If you weigh more than 110 kilos, take 2 capsules in the morning as well (at breakfast and dinner). Do not take them if you suffer from renal insufficiency, bradycardia or myasthenia gravis.

3. Metformina: 1 gram at lunch and 1 gram at dinner (take 2 grams at dinner if you have diabetes). Do not take Metformin unless it has been prescribed by your doctor.

4. Eliminate Carbohydrates completely. (If you are being treated with insulin, maintain your regular nutritional regime). Eat vegetables, meat, whole eggs, Parmesan Reggiano cheese, avocado, almonds, sugar-free dark chocolate, lemons, desserts with coconut flour/almonds/eggs/Stevia and drink diet sodas.

5. Evaluate the thyroid and correct accordingly. (Read the sections on CHRONIC FATIGUE and HYPOTHYROIDISM on this website).

6. VELTRYX: Take 2 capsules after breakfast. This is an excellent way to avoid suffering from anxiety due to the consumption of flour or sweets, to accelerate fat burning and/or to revert a fatty liver.