1. Eliminate dairy products, wheat, soy, oats, peanuts, corn and Cereals in general.

2. Fix your thyroid/cortisol.

3. MAGNESIUM + LYSINE: take 1 or 2 capsules with your evening meal.

4. ORMUX: take 1 or 2 servings before or after any food from 6pm onwards.

5. Sulfur.


How did your pain appear?

Did it start after a virus infection or medical treatment, or did it appear for no obvious reason?

In which joint did it appear first?

Which joint did it affect next?

Does your pain move from one joint to another?

Is it migratory?

Does it affect your hands, wrists and feet, or all of your joints?

Does it occur in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Apart from your joints, do you feel pain in your neck and back as well? Do you feel electrical static/pain/a burning sensation (neuropathy), depression, extreme fatigue and/or memory loss?

Have you been diagnosed with anything and, if so, which medicines are you taking?


“At their first consultation, my patients always tell me about how they have forgotten the pleasure of waking up in the morning with a smile, going shopping or having a cup of coffee without feeling any pain.

“They never thought they would have to depend on medicines which produce gastritis or drowsiness, weaken their sexual appetite or their immune system, or represent a future health risk, while, at the same time, recognizing the fact that they couldn’t live without them.

“Pain is their prime topic of conversation, and it’s my second biggest obsession.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than to hear my patients talking about how, in less than 15 days after starting their PRIMAL formula, their pain has either partially or totally disappeared.

“My greatest wish is that you also will find relief from pain very soon.”



So you went to see the doctor.

In fact, you went to see him many times because of your pain.

You take your daily dose of Ibuprofen, Ketorolac, Pregabalin, Gabapentin or Sertraline, and you have occasionally been prescribed with Prednisone, Methotrexate or some other new medicine that relieves your articular inflammation (except that inflammation is not your problem but rather the consequence of your problem).

In other words, it is a consequence of your chronic articular pain, not just of any old pain.

At this point, I want to tell you something about that thing you’ve been feeling continuously in your joints for some time. I don’t mean, for example, the pain from acute gout, which, despite being a type of articular pain, is not continuous (except in the case of chronic gout), nor do you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, which despite being a continuous pain, is not articular.

All right.

Now that’s been clarified, we’ll deal exclusively with continuous articulary pain.

Or, as you might say, “My joints hurt!”

OK, so here we go…

You were asking me about the cause.

Why do your joints hurt?

Your articulary pain is due to one or both of the following groups of causes:

1. Those related to the Autoimmune Spectrum (infectious causes are also included in this group; we will explain why later).

2. Mechanical causes (hard knocks/trauma/compression/overload/wear and tear/callosity/neoformation/osteoarticular capsular fibrosis).

ORMUX reduces articulary inflammation and combats the microorganisms involved in articular pain.

Take 1 or 2 doses of ORMUX per day in half a glass of wáter or juice before or after meals.



The criteria for ordering one or more of the following tests in order to diagnose and evaluate a patient with articular pain are the prerogative of the doctor, whose decisión will depend on the diagnostic impression, the patient’s history and socio-economic condition as well as the need to be monitored during the treatment.

1. Blood biometry

2. ESR

3. Reactive C protein

4. Citrullinated peptide

5. Rheumatoid factor (RA Test)

6. TSH, anti-TPO antibodies and anti-thyrglobulins, cortisol AM, iron (see Chronic Fatigue and Hypothyroidism)

7. Anti-SMB antibodies, antinuclear and anti-DNA.

8. IL2, IL6, IL10.

9. Antigen HLA B27.

10. Muscoloskeletal ultrasound and/or RX.

11. Magnetic resonance of the cervical and/or dorsal and/or lumbar spine.

12. Serology for Lyme disease (there are various types of Borrelia, apart from Burgdorferi, and all the examinations have very low sensitivity), herpes viruses and Epstein-Barr.

13. PCR for mycoplasma/chlamydia.